TB12 Home Turf Workout #6: Golf Power Training

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We’re teeing it up this week with a grueling golf-specific TB12 Home Turf workout!

The golf swing is one of the most challenging movements in all of sports – it requires a perfect combination of precision, timing, and power just to make contact with the ball. This week’s Home Turf workout will challenge you to start building the kind of functional strength that will improve both the mechanics and the power of your golf swing. Here’s your workout:

-Alternating Lunges with High Hold
-Pushup Plank with Shoulder Taps
-Banded Deadlifts
-Medicine Ball Figure 8s
-Lateral Band Walk with Pallof Press Hold
-Reverse Fly with Toe Tap

Grab your Handle Bands, Small Looped Band, Long Looped Bands, and a Medicine Ball and let’s go!

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