The Best Half Swing Drill To Build Accuracy and Consistency

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Welcome to Grip It Girl Golf Lessons and thank you for supporting our mission to get new golfers playing the game!

This Video focuses on the half swing or the 9-3 swing and is key to mastering consistent contact and better outcomes with your iron shots. This is a great lesson for beginner golfers but also a great refresher for all levels.

Learning to hit a golf ball with a half swing will help build consistency and accuracy in your golf swing. If you are a beginner this is a great place to start. If you have been playing for a while this is a perfect drill to add to your practice and warmup.

There are a few mistakes amateur and beginning golfers make that this drill will help correct.
1. The tendency to swing the club with more arms than body. This swing style lacks power, consistency, accuracy and correct timing.
2. Struggling with over swinging – taking the club back too far in an attempt to gain power and speed when hitting the ball. Trying to “kill the ball”. This creates an erratic and inconsistent golf swing.

A great way to combat these mistakes is starting with a shorter swing and working our way up to a full swing, building the swing up once the foundation is set and strong.

In this drill we are going to implement the other parts of the swing we have learned.
(This is your set up checklist that will be checked off for every swing you make)
1. Alignment
2. Set Up
3. Grip
4. Ball Positioning

So first we will pick a spot to aim and set up our club or alignment stick.
We will get into our set up position and grip the golf club. If you are not familiar with the set up and grip or need a refresher check out out golf set up video and golf grip video.
Then we will position the ball. I am using a 9 iron so the ball should be in the middle of my stance. Lay a club down to help keep yourself in line and double check your ball positioning. As we re examine our set up again, you will notice the Big Y shape our arms and club make. We want to keep this Y during our half swing drill.

To start we will turn our back hip around while transferring weight from the front foot to the back foot. We keep our arms close to our body club as we move the club back and up to the 9 o’clock position. Our body, arms and club move together in one motion.

In this position let’s take inventory on where everything is located. Our club shaft is parallel to the ground and shaft lines up with our toes. This tells up the club is on the correct plain. The toe of the club should be pointing up. The right elbow is tucked in to our right side making a little y. We want to avoid the flying elbow. Weight more on our back foot.

Pause in this position and then we will begin the downswing.

Start the transition with numbing your front hip forward slightly and turning your hips around your center body line as your arms and shoulders follow in one fluid motion. Your hands will naturally drop down. Your hips and chest will rotate towards your target as your head and sternum stay behind the ball. Your weight transfers from your back foot to your front foot. The club stops at the 3 o’clock position.

Let’s pause and take inventory in this position. The club is parallel to the ground, the club head should be pointing toward where you want to ball to go and toe is perpendicular to the ground. Our arms have maintained that capital Y position. And your weight is primarily on your front foot.

The 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock zone is the most important part of the golf swing. This is where all the magic happens so it is very important to practice this drill and focus on executing this portion of the swing correctly.

Forgetting to use your lower body? This video will help!
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