The best rotation drill I've tried!!!!

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This video discusses me experimenting with a hip and shoulder rotation exercise like nothing else I’ve tried before.

By simple using a chair and trying to hit the golf ball from is a great tip for anyone struggling to feel what rotation is and for anyone struggling to understand why rotation is important in the golf swing.

There are many golf tips, swing aids, swing tips, and promises but this is simply one of the greatest drills I’ve ever tried and help you create a simple, efficient, consistent repeatable golf swing.

So the most common problem golfers struggle with is a hip extension in the golf swing and this is what causes all sorts of problems with your swing plane, an inability to shallow the shaft, causes in swing path and club path.

Weight transfer is a really important part of the golf swing, as it creates more power helps you gain more momentum in your golf swing and helps you create more feel for using the ground. However you can still create great rotation and power by trying this simple drill and exercise.

In the golf swing you need rotation, particularly need golf rotation in the downswing people are always asking me for golf rotation exercises and this is by far one of the best I’ve tried. This really helps feel rotation through impact and educates what it feels like to get proper rotation in the golf swing.

So if your after golf swing tips, golf swing aids, improvement in golf swing speed, golf swing path, golf swing lag, golf swing made easy, golf swing drills, an improvement in golf swing tempo.

This drill really helps you feel the shallowing of the golf club in the downswing, and feel the golf club shallowing transition.

Golf lessons are there to help you improve but sometimes you can just find a golf drill that makes all the difference.

So if your trying to shallow the golf club, improve hip rotation, shoulder rotation, understand how the shoulders move in the golfswing, looking to compress the golf ball, get a perfect impact, release the golf club with effortless power then this drill is for you.

Because this drill will truly help you find balance in your golf swing, create a natural shallowing of the golf club, give you a proper balanced backswing, improve hip rotation in the backswing, improve proper hip rotation in the transition and proper hip rotation at impact. It helps you get a feel for staying behind the golf ball and working your rotation towards the heels rather than the toes.

This simple drill may take a few shots to get used to but after time you will create a repeatable swing loaded with power and rotation making you a better golfer.

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