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Looking for the best swing trainer in golf? Then you have come to the right place.

Watch the video to learn everything that the Bungeeclub can do to help you improve your golf swing and lower your scores fast. There is nothing like it on the market today. Created by an avid golfer that was tired of practicing and playing and not improving his golf game. He did not know what was wrong with the golf swing when he hit a bad shot. Then he created the Bungeeclub and it provided instant feedback so that he knew what he did wrong with the bad swing and then could correct that on the next swing and hit the ball straight and far.

In the beginning it was more about just correcting that bad swing. The Bungeeclub gave him the immediate feedback, then correct the swing fault and the golf ball was going straight. With more time with the swing trainer, he started to gain more distance. He shared it with others and they were getting the same results that he was. Men, women, young and old golfers, it did not matter, the results were the same…improvement in the golf swing and game. It made the game much more enjoyable for everyone who tried the Bungeeclub.

The Bungee club will help you with 10 different swing problems that are preventing your from improving your golf game. These 10 swing fundamentals that you must have for a consistent swing and a better game are as follows:

Your grip
Your stance/posture
Your take-away
Your extension as you turn away from the ball
Your position at the top of your swing
Your transition—from the top of your swing to your impact position
Your impact position-the moment of truth in your swing!
Your follow through
Your timing and rhythm
Your overall balance

When you improve the golf fundamentals listed above you are going to enjoy the game of golf much more than you do right now.

The Bungeeclub should be one of those golf swing training aids that just stays in your bag like the alignment sticks you see everyone with.

You should be using the Bungeeclub on the driving range when you practice so you get instant feedback of your swing allowing you to correct what you did wrong instantly. This immediate feedback gets you improving your golf game quickly.

You should also use the Bungeeclub when you don’t have time to hit balls before you play. Just take the training out of your bag and start swinging it on the tee, 10 to 15 times, getting you ready to hit that first shot correctly because you are feeling what you should be doing. This will allow you to hit is long and straight down the fairway. Your playing partners will be in awe and asking you if they could try your new Bungeeclub and wondering why you got it from.

Make the Bungeeclub a permanent part of your bag. You will be glad you did especially when your game starts to get better. It wont take long to improve if you practice with training device. The nice part is you can practice swinging the Bungeeclub at home and still get the feedback that you want and need.
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