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This could also be called the cheapest way to be better at golf.

In my quest to be better at golf I discovered something amazing. Last week I came up with 2 feels that had changed my game for the better %100. Now I wanted to practice the moves deliberately and thoughtfully and I had an idea how to do it. I paid one of the high school golfers $15 to caddy for me for an hour while I practiced.

To make your practice sessions actually effective and superspeed your improvement golf practice needs a couple of elements.

1. ACCOUNTABILITY. (Every shot has to mean something) Someone else is watching every shot and that element of judgement raises the stakes of your practice.
2. RANDOMNESS (it should be like the golf course where each and every shot is different.
4. SELF DIRECTED ( as opposed to a lesson where the teacher is in charge, here with a caddy, you are in charge and there is something to the fact that you are making all the choices, it engages your brain to BE THE BOSS of your swing.

In the old days this was the norm and for the top pros it still is the norm to have someone assisting you while your practice. Doing one session like this is worth 5 solo sessions.

Hire a “Practice Caddy” It’s definitely the best bang for your buck you can spend on your game. It’s raises your practice productivity and focus off the charts.

GAMES I played during practice

10 BALLS put ten balls in a circle and try to make 30 in a row. Have your caddy count out the number you have made after you sink each one.

RANDOM DRAW: After each shot the caddy pulls a new club for you and hands it to you. If they are a golfer (not necessary) they can describe the hole and the shot you have to play

Head on stick, lift it after impact

Caddy says “NOW” when your left arm gets to paralell.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.


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