The Perfect Golf Grip (1 Finger Test)

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Here’s how to get the perfect golf club grip…
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I’m going to show you what the perfect golf grip is and the top things you need to look for if your golf club grip is off.

Obviously, we have two hands that go on the club, and where both of them sit on the club is tremendously important. The grip is your only attachment to the club. Your hands on the club is the only thing that connects you to the golf club, so where you position your hands is tremendously important.

Let’s go over what a neutral grip would be first. I’ll give you some reference points. We’ll start simple, and then work our way through it.

I want to give you some reference points before we get into the details of how you put your hands on the club. A lot of the things people will look for would be the Vs.

The V is, between my index finger and my thumb on my hand, where that line would point up forever, and that would be the indicator of grip strength. (Watch the video to see me demonstrate this.)

So I have that on my left hand, and then when I put my right hand on, I still have the same thing. So, the V between my thumb and my index finger in that pad, where that points up here in space, is an indicator of grip strength.

If we’re talking a neutral or normal grip, which would give you normal club face alignments, I would like those Vs to be pointed between your chin. If I drew a straight line up, the right side of my chin and about my shoulder, so anywhere in this territory of my body.

If those Vs were there, that would be what we would consider a neutral grip. A neutral grip doesn’t require any sort of manipulation of anything to make the club face square, all else equal. That would be neutral.

A weak grip would be the second portion that we see, and that would be if your hands on the club are rotated counter-clockwise too much.

Watch the video to see all the details explaining the perfect golf grip.


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