The Perfect Golf Swing

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The Perfect Golf Swing

In this video I talk to the inventor of Iron Byron, George Manning about how he created the Iron Byron swing machine.

They didn’t pick Iron Byron out of thin air. The took high speed photos of all of the top amateurs and pros of the era. All of them had amazing similarity in their swings. They choose Byron Nelson as the model for the swing not because he had a nice looking swing but because he had the most efficient swing.

It took them 3 years to build at a cost of $250,000 back in 1963. Through the years the Iron Byron as been used to test golf equipment for the leading manufacturers and even the USGA. It is still used today because of its accuracy.

I happened to see a looping video of Iron Byron hitting a ball back in 1999. After seeing it I compared it to other top pros and what I realized was all pros were in the same positions as Iron Byron throughout their swings. This proved George when they say this amazing similarity too.

After seeing this, I then understood what made it hit the ball so consistently. I then added these 3 elements to my swing and immediately hit the ball better than I ever had. After experiencing it for myself, I incorporated it into my teaching. To this day, I still use Iron Byron to teach people a powerful, effortless golf swing.

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