The Problem With Most Senior Golf Swing Instruction

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Most golf instructors suggest that seniors prioritize a bigger backswing, my senior swing prioritizes elite-level impact with power coming from proper sequencing made possible and enhanced by the specific stance and posture I describe. The problem with the bigger backswing method (which utilizes a closed stance for more lower and upper body turn and more swing length) is that the inability to clear the lower body heading into impact leaves the right arm back and behind the body, resulting in a “flip” or “throw” release action which we all know leads to inconsistent ball striking; fat shots, thin shots, and directional issues, all actually robbing you of distance and accuracy. My senior swing method, when applied fully, enables you to compress the ball, which often results in more consistent distance and ball control.

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(Free) Watch: THE BEST Senior Golf Swing for Elite Level Play and Competition

If you are a serious senior golfer who has lost some trunk mobility (or a golfer of any age with limited trunk mobility) and want to play your best, watch the video (in the link just above this text) on my web site and employ the technique within. If you need any assistance contact me at my web site for either an in-person or online lesson.