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Timing is everything, especially in the golf swing. You know that feeling when you get the timing right everything is so effortless and the ball fly’s off like a bullet. Frustrating when that doesn’t happen on the next shot ☹

So, what was it that created such an effortless powerful golf shot with lots of club head speed? And why can’t you repeat it?

Think of your swing as a series of cogs, lots of cogs 100’s maybe, so when you hit that perfect shot, they all synchronized together in order like a perfectly timed clock mechanism, a power serve in tennis, a well struck shot with a cricket or baseball bat or a knockout blow in boxing. That is what we call timing and sequencing, transferring energy from one body part to the next into the club like a chain reaction, but if you have 1 miss firing cog, the chain breaks down resulting in inefficiency, poor timing and compensations to make up.

Poor sequencing and timing in the golf swing start with the setup, then the swing mechanics so get those right in order first by checking out my step’s videos 1-5 and setup and swing drills for free on my YouTube channel, then timing and sequencing those movements is key to consistency and a repeatable swing.

The flexible GForce Shaft helps you identify when your cogs are out of sequence, HOW? From the feeling, vibrations, over flexing through the shaft and the ball flight because you can hit balls flat out for instant feedback. Excessive shaft bending, poor contact, shots off to the right are all big indicators that your swing may not be as good as it could be. But don’t worry that is why I am here to help you.

If you follow steps 1 – 5 training videos and setup and swing drills to tidy up your understanding of the swing and get the correct concept of the swing in your head, which I have backed up using 3D data from Gears Golf, you can then use the GForce Swing Trainers to help you with the areas of the golf swing which cannot be taught because you need to feel it, such as Tempo, Rhythm, Timing, Transition and Sequencing.

We learn by doing, feeling, repeating until we get it right, so you need to be bad first before you get good, and good before you become very good etc. We are not like technology which is advancing at such a fast rate where tasks that would normally take a few days can be done in seconds, to be realistic think of learning golf swing to be the same rate of progress as going to the gym, so if you want to loose some kg’s or get a 6 pack you can now imaging there is going to be some work involved.

GForce Golf focuses in the important 20% that get you 80% of the results, so although I can’t help you lose weight or get a six pack in 1 week, I can cut out all the unimportant stuff and complicated language that restricts your learning curve so you can be laser focused on the simple stuff that matters and makes a real difference quickly in 30 days guaranteed, or your money back..! just follow the FREE steps and weekly training videos and if you have any questions just get in touch 😊 stuart

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