Titleist Tips: Basic Skills for a More Consistent Golf Game

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We would all agree that the best players in the world share the common trait of being very consistent. Most times, the golf ball does just what they ask of it and even when they do miss shots, they don’t miss by much.

That kind of consistency is something we all aspire to, but unfortunately many of us delay our jump to a higher level of consistency because we’re not patient enough. We look for that quick fix, that magical short-cut. It’s tempting to chase the latest swing fad or buy that latest training aid, but as Titleist staff member Justin Parsons shares in the video above, golfers in search of consistency are much better served by developing some good, basic habits and staying the course.

“My advice,” Justin told Team Titleist, “is to target a few key fundamentals and be regimented in your approach. Find little routines and methods that work for you and then stick with them. Of course, you can always work on improving your swing and develop new techniques, but do it within the framework of a consistent setup, consistent alignment, consistent ball position and a consistent pre-shot routine. Being able to do those things the same way, all the time, is the best way to add to your overall consistency.”