Titleist Tips: Fundamentals of the Golf Swing

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Since golf’s origins more than five-hundred years ago, golf club technology, engineering and the materials used to make clubs have all improved immeasurably. But as Titleist staff instructor Ben Blalock points out in this video, the basic design of the club has change very little. The club is still essentially a stick with a handle on one end and a weight at the other. The weighted end (the club head) is attached to the stick (the club shaft) at the heel of the club, not the center. This is important because it encourages the club head to rotate open and closed as it is swung. Knowing how to take advantage of this design feature (and not work against it) is a key to playing the game well. And as Ben shows, allowing the club to work with your body and do what it was designed to do is easier than you might think.