Titleist Tips: Setup Drill for More Consistent Golf

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As Titleist staff instructor Trillium Rose notes in the video above, you can’t play consistent golf if you don’t have sound grip and setup fundamentals. Developing a reliable, repeatable routine for placing your hands on the club and establishing good posture is one of the most important things you can do. It gives you the best chance to make a powerful, athletic move that delivers the clubface squarely.

Setup Drill

° Place your hands on the club. You should have a sense that the palm of your right hand (for a right-handed golfer) matches the club face. Where the club faces, so too, does your right palm.

° Stand straight up as you grip the club, feet about shoulder width apart. Let your arms extend and rest on the font of your torso as you hold your hands at about waist height.

° Hinge your wrists up until the club head is at about eye level.

° Check the leading edge of the club. It should be pointing straight up and down (square face).

° From here, squeeze your glutes, keep your spine straight and use your glutes to tilt forward from your hip joints. Let the club head fall gently as you bend from the hips. Where it falls is roughly how far you should stand from the ball.

° From here, be mindful of what your lead arm (left arm for a right-handed golfer) feels like against the side of your chest. It’s important to establish this same feel and connection on every golf swing you make.