Too Simple: Keep It Simple "Swing Program" Part II Preview

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In the 2004, Real Swing Golf produced the Keep It Simple “Swing Program” Golf Instruction Video. Back then, I knew that the Real Swing Golf concepts worked for the vast majority of the people that I taught. What I didn’t know was the science behind why they worked.

It has now been more than 10 years since we produced our video in the spring of 2004. In that time, I have gained more insight from 10 more years of teaching experience. I have also done some research into the scientific literature with regard to how we humans learn and develop motor skills such as striking a golf ball with a swinging instrument. Now, I am beginning to understand how modern science is confirming the concepts of the Real Swing Golf Method® and that same science also refutes the current widely accepted paradigm of how to hit a golf ball — that the swing should be an attempt to move the body through a series of ‘correct’ swing positions.

I now want to share this additional knowledge and the insights I’ve gained in Too Simple: The Keep It Simple “Swing Program” Part II Golf Instruction video. It will provide the further insights and knowledge that I’ve gained in the ensuing 10 years since the original video was produced in the spring of 2004. There will also be much more “meat” with regard to swinging drills and understanding what to feel from the swing and how to trouble shoot when mishit and/or misdirected shots occur.

Filming has been completed and post production and editing are underway. It will be finished and available for download download for Mac and PC computers soon.

When you preorder, you can request to receive as an added bonus Golf is Dying: Is Modern Golf Instruction the Cure… or the Culprit? This document is a commentary on modern golf instruction that I started writing in November of 2012. The document is as yet unfinished but I hope to use it as the basis of my golf instruction book that I intend to write in the future. This file will also give you greater understanding of the concepts of the Keep It Simple “Swing Program” Part I video and the scientific basis of its principles. When your link to purchase the “Keep It Simple” Swing Program Part II Golf Instruction Video arrives in your inbox, you will have the scientific understanding of why “keeping it simple” really works!

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