Top of Backswing Strength & Power

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Here’s some exercises to add to your programme to help with transferring strength and power into the golf swing. And being able to produce strength and power from the top of the backswing, allowing more time to create club head speed during the downswing.
1. Wood Chop
2. TOB positional isometrics
3. Lateral Lunge (explosive concentric)
4. Med Ball Slam (split stance)

These exercises will mostly help utilise strength gained from basic movement patterns or lifts in the gym, such as squats, deadlifts, rows etc.
In a programme these would most likely appear very near to the season or in-season (if you have a competitive season), or towards the end of an exercise programme, building upon previous weeks/months of general strength. This is what I’m am mentioning at the end of the video… ie, you can’t go to far wrong building general strength.

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