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TourAngle144 features and benefits for your golf swing:

• Promotes perfect posture
• Promotes a one piece take-away
• Trains you to delay the releasing of the golf club until impact
• Gives instant feedback to prevent casting, and cure your slice
• Instantly secures to any club with your own grip (NO SCREWS, TOOLS)
• Switch between golf clubs in seconds
• Use on the range or course to hit golf balls
• Will help cure your chipping yips
• Fits easily in your pocket
• Set a consistent shaft-to-forearm angle, to build one basic golf swing
• Lifetime replacement warranty
• DVD Golf Lesson from Top 100 Instructor Steve Bosdosh
• Made in the U.S.A

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Most Tour players incorporate a variety of golf swing exercises into their normal practice routine. Effective golf swing exercises include both stretching as well as strength training, and address all the movements you would normally make during a day of golf, or a session at the range. A good golf swing uses almost every muscle in your body, despite not being historically thought of as a very athletic movement. Because the golf swing is very strenuous on the body, it is very important for your body to be prepared and in shape. Many professional golfers have had injuries as a result of swinging the golf club, and it is no doubt that golf swing exercises are a vital component of recovery. Many times injury is a result of not swinging the club properly, so part of good golf swing exercises is to practice proper posture. There are many ways to achieve proper posture from getting a lesson, to video taping your swing and analyzing it, to using a golf swing training aid. Because your posture can easily go out of form, the absolute best way to practice proper posture is to use the Tour Angle 144 Golf Swing training aid. The Tour Angle 144 promotes perfect posture, which will help with all elements of the golf swing. Using the Tour Angle 144 as part of your normal golf swing exercises routine is a great way to warm up, and strength train, and will get you into the proper body positions. Beyond helping with posture, the Tour Angle 144 will promote a one-piece takeaway, delaying of the wrist break until impact, and will notify you if you cast to stop this number 1 cause of slicing. Endorsed by Steve Bosdosh, the TA144 is one of the most simple, effective and easy to use golf swing devices of all time. You can use this innovative tool on the range or course to hit balls, and many golfers use it for a full round of golf, and use it for every shot from wedge shots, to chip shots, to golf drives. This really separates the Tour Angle from the other training aids on the market, in that you can use it for every shot, and can quickly change between clubs in your bag. It fits in your pocket, and it build for a lifetime of use. If you incorporate the Tour Angle 144 into your normal golf swing exercises programs, you will we using the best tool out there to improve your strength properly and effectively. Buy yours today and join the thousands of golfers already on their way to improving their swing, and lowering their handicap.