TRX Golf Exercise for Hip mobility, Bigger Turns and Improve Flexibility For Golf

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TRX Golf Exercise for Hip mobility and bigger turns from

We talk a lot about the need for movement in the hips and improving flexibility for golf. Here is a great golf exercise using a TRX.

Build up the separtion and range of motion, sitting back into the hips and into the glutes. It’s a great pre round or workout warm up or great as part of a combination in your golf workout.

You should feel the exercise in your glutes, hips and all the way up the lats as you increase your range of motion in this golf exercise witha TRX

This exercise is great for hip mobility and improves flexibility for golf. Too many golfers are trying to resist the hip rotation and increase torso rotation for increase of separation. However a much more efficient move is to create mobility in the hips so the kinetic chain works correctly in your golf swing and puts less strain on your back and reduces likely hood of injury.

Golf strength comes in many forms not just lifting weights to increase power.

Use this golf exercise with a TRX ideally or you can you a towel wrapped around or even resistance bands can be used for this exercise to increase hip mobility and flexibility for golf.

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