Two Essential Pitch Shot Drills To Hit It Consistently Close

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This video is part of our short game series focused on alleviating common pitch shot mistakes and improving the outcome of your pitch shots. Practicing these drills just a few times a practice session will dramatically improve your pitch shot results and get you closer to the hole. This video provides simple and effective instruction on two great drills to help alleviate these common faults.

Improving the Pitch Shot

There are two main pitch shot mistakes:
1. Hinging our wrist during impact.
2. Not hitting down on the ball through impact.

In regards to hinging our wrist, what does that mean exactly? It’s basically when we bend or flick our wrists right before impact in an attempt to lift the ball into the air. The concept makes sense for what we know about gravity and force but this is actually a counterintuitive approach. Based on the structure and angle of the club, it will go in the air when hit correctly without any help.

Ideally for our pitch shots, we want to keep our wrists straight and the club to hit down on the golf ball, which helps create spin, better control and better shots.

Pitch Shot Drill #1: Extended Club Drill
1. Use an alignment stick
2. Attach it to the end of the shaft. Allowing it to extend past your front body while addressing the ball
3. Take some practice shots.
4. If you bend your wrist you will feel the pole hit your front side after impact. It’s a little wake up call to wrist bending. A few wacks with the alignment stick and you will never want to bend your wrists again.

Pitch Shot Drill #2: Ball before Ground Drill
1. During a pitch shot we should be hitting the ball first and the ground second. The downward position of the club during impact will create the necessary height and spin we need for this shot.
2. Gather 5-10 tees and golf balls
3. Line up the golf balls and place a pushed down tee in front of each ball. Pushing the tee almost all the way into the ground
4. Hit each shot, making contact with the ball first and tee second.

Rule number one when it comes to practicing your short game shots is have fun and try to make every drill a game. It will keep the practice exciting and also help teach you to perform under pressure because you have added that into your practice regimen.

Learn to hit a Perfect Pitch Shot:

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