VenusFit : extension using resistance bands as training wheels

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#tutorialtuesday EXTENSION USING RESISTANCE BAND AS TRAINING WHEELS 💪. Great to understand Leg/hip/spinal extension. What I like about using the band is it gives the body a lot of bio feedback on tactile sensation and feeling your body wanting to extend, you can use this in a variety of movements as I demonstrate. A lot of times people collapse in certain movements and this helps remind us to expand instead of sitting in joints or compensation. This exercise has been used with the band on the leg off the ground but just as good using it with the foundational foot to create that sensation of creating space through the movement. Enjoy exploring with this and let me know how it feels. 😊👋💪💗. #tutorial #venusfit #movetoliveawesome #movementmedicine #flow #connect #balance #workout #mindfulmovement #mindfulness #resistancebands