What is your Swing Tempo? | Backswing to Downswing Ratio

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So I found out how to measure my swing tempo and my swing tempo was 5:1 compared to an ideal swing tempo of 3:1, a bit high which was mostly due to my overswing.

In this video, I will show you how to measure your swing tempo using your cell phone.

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My name is Erich and I live in Italy welcome to my channel. I used to play golf on and off for many years, but I started my journey again about 8 years ago, changing my swing completely.

My goal is to become a single figure handicap golfer in the near future.

To achieve this goal, I built my own backyard putting green and set up a backyard golf net. I love playing in my backyard green, doing drills, club reviews and playing at the range and at the course to get better at the game and ultimately reach my goal (hopefully).


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