Where To Position The Golf Ball | Simple Golf Tips For Better and Consistent Striking

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Simple Golf Tips For Better and Consistent Ball position with Golf Monthly top 25 coach, Alistair Davies. http://www.theartofsimplegolf.com

Ball position for consistent golf is a priority and there are some simple systems and checkpoints that are easy to execute and repeat without too much stress to detract you from the task of better scores.

Whether you want to break 80, 90 or 70 even, consistent ball position will make a huge difference to your ball striking and scores.

Ball position can be simple but complicated at the same time.

There are generally two schools of thought in golf instruction and methods for the best way to approach ball position consistently…

Variable – The ball position moves per club, but the stance width remains more or less the same and constant as shoulder width aside from the driver.

Constant. – You keep the ball in more or less the same position in relation to your lead foot but adjust the width of your stance according to the club you are hitting. Wedge is narrower than 4 iron for example.

How they react is fairly similar but what we want to give you is a simple ball position system so you can be consistent more often than not.

7, 8,9,pw iron. Ball start with feet together and move feet equal distance apart. Hand position here is opposite inside of left thigh.

5 iron – Start with feet together. Foot moves 1/3 and 2-3. Hands in same position.

Driver – Start with feet together. – Left foot half an inch, right foot to slightly wider than shoulder width. The hands remain in the same position.

The hand position is key as it improves a better relationship to gain height and better trajectory especially with the longer clubs.

Checking your ball position is one of the first ports of call if you find your ball striking a little off and consistency is poor.

So try this system and learn more with us at The Art of Simple Golf

Golf instruction as you know it is killing your golf game. It’s time for simple golf principles and no more b.s so you can play better golf.

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