Why Balance Training Is So Important For Older Adults & Falls Prevention

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This is a quick educational video we shared this week that gives a summary of our detailed article about Balance Training you can read in the link below.

Balance training, for most people we see when they first come to the gym is often a very difficult task and for most even quite scary. This is especially true with older adults is needed now more than ever! Senior Fitness classes are popping up everywhere as there is becoming more and more a need to improve mobility in function with the older population. But balance and stability training is not just for old people! Sports and Rehabilitation this skill and type of training is critical for achieving success and improved performance or for getting out of pain. The common theme to all of these areas is if they had spent a lot of time developing this skill earlier in life it would not be a problem later on! This does not mean we all have to start standing on swissballs or doing circus stunts. Having a good understanding of what balance is needed for YOU is the key.

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Always remember you MUST train the BRAIN if you want to improve balance.

Statistics predict that by the year 2045 there will be 77 million people older than the age of 65, and that 1 out of every 5 people will be age 85 or older! People are aware of the benefits of exercise, unfortunately they spend more time doing cardio type exercise or things they like to do and less time doing what they need to do. Even people who take up a strength training program can have problems. Because if not prescribed with Functional concepts and trying to improve how you move the program can create more harm than good. (read movement not muscle) It breaks my heart to see an older adult put on machines in the belief that it is safer for them. How are they ever going to learn how to balance and stabilize their body when machines do it for them all the time! So building muscle is not the most important factor, it is building better movements that is more important. Balance training and agility training are part of a good training program that is often overlooked when people go to the gym, yet these abilities are critical to an elite sportsmen.

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Balance plays a vital role in the ability to walk correctly and you will find stacks of information and case study examples in this article here.

The human gait cycle is a very complicated, coordinated series of movements. Which is one big reason why so many rehabilitation programs fail when they neglect balance drills and only use simple methods to improve it!

Other great article to read is about FOOT STABILITY as this typically shows severe loss of stability and function affecting anything you do standing up.

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