Why is Your Golf Game Not Improving?

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If you are struggling to improve your golf game, you are not alone. Lack of improvement is one of the most common problems plaguing amateur golfers, and it may not be your fault.

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Hey golfers, PGA Teaching Professional Todd Kolb here and today I’m going to talk to you about one of the most frustrating things for the average golfer, and that is lack of improvement.

Now why are we not improving? Over the last 30 or 40 years, we have information available at our fingertips, but the hard truth is the average golf handicap has not gone down at all.

Now why is that? Here’s my thought on that. It’s simply because you’re getting information from unqualified sources and you’re not getting it on a regular basis. So think about this for a second. If you wanted to fix, let’s say your slice, as an example. Where are you going to go?

Well, if you’re like most golfers, you’re going to buy a magazine, you’re going to maybe go online; you’re going to check out some random videos; or probably worse yet, you’re going to ask a buddy.

The hard truth is that this information, it might work, it might not; but how do you even know if it’s coming from a qualified source? You don’t even know. You’re just basically taking information from any person who’s putting it out there.

Let’s talk about two examples of maybe things that you’ve experienced. How about the slice? Who out there hasn’t at some point struggled with slicing the golf ball? Now, what did the magazine tell you—or worse yet, what did your friend tell you? Hey, just strengthen your grip. Turn that grip over a little bit, and that will fix that slice. You know what, I hate to tell you this, but that’s just probably one of the worst things you can do if you slice the golf ball. And if you really knew the reason why behind that, you’d probably never do it again.

But here’s the good news, is that I could probably fix that by just adjusting a couple positions in your hip and in your arm, and we could take what is a slice and we could turn it into a draw in literally four or five golf shots.

How about this one? How about lack of distance? Who does not want to hit the golf ball further? Well, if you go to your traditional sources of information, what’s the magazine going to tell you? Hey, you’ve got to go buy the latest driver, alright? Go drop four or five hundred bucks and you’ll hit the golf ball further.

Well how many times are you going to do that before you’ve spent a thousand dollars on drivers and you’re still hitting it the same distance? Or you might go to your buddy; what’s your buddy going to tell you? Probably just going to tell you to swing harder, okay? Once again, bad information from an unqualified source.

But here’s the good news, is that if I showed you a simple transition drill that would help you increase club head speed, and deliver that speed at the most important time—the moment of impact—you’d increase your distance almost immediately.

So here’s the good news, is that the next time you hear from me, I’m going to prove to you why the strong grip is the worst thing you can do to fix your slice; but better yet, I’m going to tell you how a simple hip position and arm position can change that slice into a draw overnight. So we are well on our way to better information, qualified information, and information that is going to help you play better golf.

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