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How important is the width of the stance in the setup? Why it should be optimized and why it gives you competition advantages?

The width of the stance is very important for optimizing the speed of your pelvis rotation.

The disadvantage of a wide stance is that you reduce the speed and power of your pelvis rotation. The shoulder and pelvis rotation cannot be synchronized. If shoulder and pelvis rotation are not synchronized you squeeze your intervertebral discs in the lower back. Squeezing your lower back by a wide stance creates power and club head speed reduction.

We have to minimize the width of the stance as much as possible – therefore we have figured out a system: We call it a dynamic coordinate.

You will have proper width of your stance if the line between your right knee and the left knee is going to be able to generate a 90-degree angle to the target horizon in the end position. Not more, not less.

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