Zhongxing New Village Road Race & Governmental Golf Club Course

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I am on week two of a new training program for a 50km ultra-marathon, however, I had not golfed yet this entire year. It was “now or never” for this season, otherwise, I would not be able to get my “prescribed” weekly mileage, as the distances will get longer and longer. My running buddy JC had a 21km race scheduled at Zhongxing New Village, so I decided to drive him there and then get in nine holes of golf at the course nearby. His running time for a half marathon and my half round of golf are both a bit under two hours, so it worked out perfectly.

After I dropped him off early at the race site, it was only a five-minute drive to the Taiwan Governmental Golf Club, a course I’ve played quite a few times over the years. It was not crowded, so I was able to tee off right away. Two other Taiwanese guys joined my round. Both Mr. Ho and “Ken” were very nice, as was our pleasant and helpful catty. In this video, I show you every hole (& distances from the men’s white tees), so hopefully the video is useful to some golfers out there as an intro to this beautiful, inexpensive, and not to difficult nine-hole course!

Technically, as a lecturer at National Changhua University of Education, I could have joined as a member twenty years ago! In fact, I had completed the required paperwork and obtained proof of hitting a hundred balls at the local range, but I never got around to joining. No worries…All that membership gives you is being exempt from having to use a catty. Well, it turns out, I actually like having a catty, and including her (or his) fee, it is still only $36 USD for nine holes!

I played a decent round of “bogie golf,” before heading back to the race site. Since I had started my round before JC started his race, I had just enough time to get back and see him finish. After hurrying to find parking, jogging from my car to the site, I missed JC cross the line but saw him run right past me in the expo area… and keep running! At first I thought he just wanted to cool down. Here, the race was a tenth-of-a-mile short and he wanted to get the legitimate half marathon distance! (This seems to happen a lot in Taiwan!). JC then gives us his race recap. If you live in the Central Taiwan area (and don’t mind the heat) check out this race!

After returning his race chip and grabbing his goodies (including a backpack), we left the race site. There was a restaurant where we attempted to get a second breakfast & coffee, but it wasn’t going to be open for another hour, so we head back to Changhua. Along with a vegetarian restaurant on that same road, Mykonos is a place I often go to my wife, other golfing friends, as well as my nephews. They feature a very interesting glass drip-coffee apparatus, which they set up on your table. If you are interested, it’s just a minute from the main road, on the edge of the town among the rice fields. There are some really nice homes back there! From Mykonos, it is easy to keep going on the road, take a right, and follow the signs back to the Highway 3 junction.

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