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This video discusses 3 golf swing tips you need to know. to improve your game. This video explains the importance of the practice swing and the mistakes I often see when it comes to taking practice swings. I also talk about what I believe is the most important part of the golf swing and sometimes gets mixed up in confusion with other features of the golf swing.

Finally I see a lot of golfers get lost when it comes to making swing changes and they loose site of what the actual change is and the point of the change in the first place and therefore struggle to get a feeling for the new move, the point is your body moves the golf club not the other way around.

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This video discusses the golf swing and how to make great changes to your golf, people often refer to swing training programs or swing training aids to make a change. Others are always searching for golf tips to help find the secret to the golf swing, as ever I try to make things as basic as possible as I try to make the golf swing simple.

In the video we discuss swing plane, golf driving, slow motion golf swings, professional golf swings, how to create more swing speed and as ever these tips can be applied whether your a senior golfer, junior golfer or lady golfer.