3 Minute Golf Warm Up

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3 Minute Golf Warm Up

If you’re a golfer soon to be teeing off or if you’ve nipped out in your lunch break for some practice, you need a quick golf warm up. This routine will greatly reduce any chance of injury, get the blood pumping and loosen up those stiff joints very quickly.

Don’t take our word for it – try it out! No equipment required. In just 3 minutes, you’ll feel ready to swing the golf club faster and more freely. We have taken samples of quality warm up routines from experts in the fields of physical activity, such as Tom House, Dr Greg Rose and the late Ramsay McMaster.

Note the emphasis is on movement and mobility, not static stretching. The goal is to free up the body for the golf swing. Longer stretching routines should be performed when the body is already warm, after golf or some other physical exercise.

Don’t be concerned if you can’t reach certain positions during the warm up. There should be no pain, although you will probably experience some stiffness. Only reach as far as you are able and if you do experience pain, cease immediately. Whenever undertaking any new physical activity, you should consult with your health professional.

Of course, if you have a little more time, it is recommended you add more warm up exercises, possibly specific to you. If possible, you’ll also make plenty of practice swings and hit 20 to 30 golf balls at the driving range.


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Steve Gannon and Glen Haynes created Aussie Golf Pros to provide a learning platform for golfers of all levels. They post content regularly on social media and their website, aussiegolfpros.com. This includes videos, blogposts, golf coaching series and great programs.

Golf Coaches, Not Teachers

The Aussie Golf Pros are holistic coaches. Steve and Glen are both fully qualified members of the PGA of Australia and are avid students of the Sports Sciences. Together, they are certified in Advanced Golf Coaching, Golf Psychology, TPI (Body-Swing Connection), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Personal Development and Skill Acquisition.

Steve and Glen are not ‘Method’ coaches. They recognise that there are 1000’s of ways to swing a golf club! Rather than try to ‘change’ your swing, their goal is to help You Be The Best Golfer You Can Be!

Skill Development vs Technical Changes

Although technique is an important factor of a golfer’s performance, Skill Development is largely neglected in golf coaching today. Skill is something that can be tangibly improved with proper understanding of the golf impact laws and effective practice protocols.

External Focus of Attention

Most golf teaching involves an internal focus. Common instruction includes advice such us increased hip turn, a still head or improved hand path. These factors of the golf swing, are considered important for many golfers and teachers. However, as they are focused internally, on body movements, golfers find changes extremely difficult to process.

Enter the world of External Focus of Attention. This means that a golfer focuses on the target, the ball, the clubhead – objects which are external to the body. The sciences involving Motor Skill Learning have proven that by employing an External Focus of Attention, sports men and women learn new moves more quickly, retain changes readily and can perform better under pressure.

All of the Aussie Golf Pros coaching, drills and advice for clients and viewers, involve an External Focus of Attention and the results can be astonishing!



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