3 Steps to Addressing Tensor Fasciae Latae Pain & Tightness

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Aching pain on the side of your hip? In today’s video we’re going to go through three steps to addressing tensor fasciae latae pain and five exercises that you can start using right now to keep TFL pain away for good.

Read more here: https://www.precisionmovement.coach/tensor-fasciae-latae-pain-techniques/

Download the full 7 Day Acute Pain Plan: https://www.precisionmovement.coach/decrease-tfl-pain

Link to the hip joint mobilization video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3Su_arMrv0


The tensor fasciae latae is a muscle right at the top and outside of your hip, it’s not very big and it inserts into your iliotibial band, which is a band of fascia that runs on the outside of your thigh.

This muscle is often very problematic, it tends to flare up in people and they don’t know what to do. Often times they’ll foam roll the IT band or they’ll try a static stretch but the problem with this is that none of these approaches offer relief.

That’s because for the majority of the cases, the tensor fasciae latae is sore as a compensatory mechanism, which means the TFL is compensating for other muscles in the hip that aren’t functioning correctly.

In this video we’re going to go through 3 steps to addressing these issues to make sure the pain stays away for good. These 3 steps are part of the Precision Movement process for eliminating pain and improving mobility and they’re proven to offer lasting results if followed properly.

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