#61 Web TV: How to Transfer Weight in Golf Swing

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The tip for today is how to transfer weight in golf swing, yes your golf swing!

The reason I am sharing this tip is that I see many golfers (club golfer & social golfer) play their golf swing shot but there is no transfer of weight in the golf swing. What I mean by that is that if you are a right handed golfer, once you have made contact with the golf ball your body tends to stay still and your body weight doesn’t finish on the left side of your body. Therefore there is no transfer of weight in the golf swing.

So the plan here today is to transfer the weight across to the left side, your golf club is going forward through the ball and your body weight is transferring forward in the direction where you want to ball to go.

If you are ready to take on this tip…let’s get started on How to Transfer Weight In Golf Swing!

Here I want you to take your set up as you do you when you are getting ready to hit your ball. By the way do this with an 8 or 9 iron!

From your set up position, you want to then take your golf club back to a nine o’clock position. Your left arm should be straight. Once you are in this position, you then bring your left foot back to your right foot, so your left foot touches your right foot. The weight on your foot should feel at this point as though it is on your right side.

From here you then step forward with your left foot back the the original position, you turn your left hip (your left hip feels as though it is turning left), the golf club then comes down to make contact with the ball, you left hip continues to turn left and your weight finishes on your left leg.

Your right knee should be almost touching your left leg, then you maintain your golf swing and your balance on your left side.

The best way to practice proper weight transfer in golf swing is get out on the practice range and practice with your 8 or 9 iron. Always start with the short ones first. As you get more confident with these then start adding longer clubs repeating the same practice tip.

It is important you start to get the feel of what the body needs to feel in the weight transfer during golf swing…because then you can understand what you and your body needs to feel and be aware of…through the golf swing process.

I hope you enjoy today’s tip on how to transfer weight in golf swing and let me know how the practice goes!

To your golfing success,

Tiffany Mika