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  • Watch free golf fitness and exercise videos  that target specific muscle groups used in your golf game, improving body motion or flexibility. These video tips, techniques, drills are from local and pro golf trainers, proven to improve aspects of your game and eliminating several bad golf playing habits.

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Three great variations of the frog drill to open up the hips and get the glutes firing better. You can use these individually sprinkled in your workouts or this is a good progression for working [More]
This is a great example of how to challenge your hips as far as stability and mobility. You can have all the strength in the world but if you can’t stabilize then you don’t have [More]
This video shows the six hanging core exercises that I perform in succession for 3 rounds of each exercise! It is an amazing way to build core strength and power and transfers to a variety [More]
Premier Fitness Systems has put together a revolutionary golf-performance program that brings together top golf instruction, fitness, flexibility, and some of the best in TPI training. Most programs focus on basic flexibility and a few [More]
These are some great variations of load and explode exercises to help with transferring power in the golf swing. The goal is to load the glutes like a spring so that when we change directions [More]
Hanging drills are some of my favorite drills to give to older golfers to help open up their shoulders and start to get better movement in their upper body. Here are some different variations of [More]
This program is designed for golfers who want to improve their hips to help their golf game in these areas: -Improve turn -Improve impact position -Decrease pain -Improve mobility for longevity of life -Improve stability [More]