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Go into a half kneeling position, with the knee closest to the cable or band resistance up. Pull the resistance to your chest, rotating only your upper trunk. Then, rotate downwards wrapping around your body. [More]
Today we continue with our How To Build A Workout series. Last week, we talked about lower body, knee dominant exercises. Typically in my program design, I’ll pair those with upper body pulling exercises. If [More]
Get your free dynamic warm up workout video at www.athleticgolftraining.com to play your best every time. To increase swing speed we need explosive movement derived from the ground up, through the core and explosive rotation, [More]
http://kaifitnessforgolf.com. Kai Fusser and Annika Sorenstam demonstrate a golf exercise called ‘Cable Push’. This golf exercise is great way to learn how to transfer your weight from one side to the other but also how [More]
Golf exercise of the week! This movement is designed to teach you to engage your lower body, rotate your hips, and then accelerate through with your upper body. This exercise is great for golfers that [More]
Golfers, you will improve your balance and rotational power and get a great chest workout with this highly functional exercise. I wouldn’t be surprised if Phil Mickelson was using this one during the offseason.
Visit Athletic golf training to get more golf exercise tips, your FREE golf workouts, reports. http://www.athleticgolftraining.com Golf Exercise to include into a golf workout to increase effortless power and swing speed. as well as improve [More]
The Explosive Cable Push-Pull exercise is one of my favorite exercises to implement in my golf performance programs. Benefits ⬇️ -Increase Power -Helps prevent energy leaks in the “power move” or transition in the downswing [More]
CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! http://www.athleticgolftraining.com This explosive core exercise will create a powerful smooth golf swing and develop strength in the core and glute ham area as well as overall golf fitness conditioning [More]