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  • Watch free golf fitness and exercise videos  that target specific muscle groups used in your golf game, improving body motion or flexibility. These video tips, techniques, drills are from local and pro golf trainers, proven to improve aspects of your game and eliminating several bad golf playing habits.

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TPI-Certified Golf Fitness Instructor Corey Taylor from Putt.com demonstrates a great way to build lower-body strength and stability. More at http://www.putt.com/
Mark Tolle of Golf Fitness Chicago demonstrates an upper body strength program for golfers.
Pre -Round Stretching Routine for golf http://chrisownbey.com/ Chris Ownbey GOLF FITNESS IN DALLAS TX. The fastest way to improve your game is to prepare your body for golf – it only takes 5-minutes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3spOaMNafo For [More]
Kenny and Scott demonstrate an advanced move for stability in the golf swing at the John Ondrush Golf & Fitness Academy
Golf conditioning exercises by sky fitness
Golf Fitness Chicago demonstrates a level 1 leg strengtheining program for golfers. This is a quick simple program that can be performed anywhere.
The interactive DVD teaches you how to create a tailor made golf exercise programme that will improve your flexibility strength, core stability and balance. This unique exercise and fitness programme is suitable for all ages [More]
Golfers…Strengthen your lower body and your golf swing with this simple rotational exercise using the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer and a Sport Ball. While squeezing the sport ball between your thigh just above the knees, Rotate [More]