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Science Saturdays is a special lecture series designed for families that brings the excitement of research and the passion of scientists to school-age children and adults. Each event involves a lecture by a Yale professor [More]
Golf club path that results in a hook or a draw. At impact, the club is moving along an inside-to-out path relative to the target line (i.e. relative to the direction perpendicular to the clubface). [More]
In golf, a slice is caused by the club moving outside-to-in relative to the target line. That motion imparts sidespin that causes the ball to veer away from the golfer in flight.
The Physics of golf by Theodore P. Jorgensen is a must read for any golfer who wants to truly understand why things happen the way they do in golf .if you want to know why [More]
I demonstrate how and why a golf club is so hard to use for many people and what they tend to do wrong.
Good morning…. Today’s tip Tuesday talks about Sir Isaac Newton and his laws of physics. Don’t forget to like And subscribe to this channel for more great tips and tricks to help your golf game [More]
Compression and collision measurements help determine the coefficient of restitution at impact for the club face to the golf ball. Knowing this COR helps researchers determine the amount of energy transmitted to the golf ball [More]
Have you ever wondered what happens at Impact, the moment when the clubface meets the ball? Well, here is a short video compliation that might help? We hope you enjoy Impact: The Moment of Truth.
From persimmons to metalwood to adjustable ones, the driver has come a long way since its inception. Find out how the current driver came to be as we look back at the club’s evolution over [More]