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  • Watch free golf fitness and exercise videos  that target specific muscle groups used in your golf game, improving body motion or flexibility. These video tips, techniques, drills are from local and pro golf trainers, proven to improve aspects of your game and eliminating several bad golf playing habits.

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Being able to rotate your body and extend your arms through impact in a synchronised movement is a real trait of a great ball striker. Here we look at how to achieve the correct synchronisation [More]
Wrist Extension Exercise with resistance band. Wrist extension exercises are useful after wrist injuries such as sprains and fractures, as well as in treating tennis elbow. For more information on resistence band exercises visit: http://www.sportsinjuryclinic.net/rehabilitation-exercises/resistance-band-exercises1
Watch how JohnE McCray utlizes the resistance band to practice on his driving form
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowfitness Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehowfitness Tibialis Anterior exercises are often completed with the careful use of resistance bands, among other types of tools. Do Tibialis Anterior exercises with resistance bands with help from a [More]
SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube/c/morepars Channel for lots more tips posted weekly! Resort Golf Camps and Coaching Programs: http://www.christinariccigolf.com/ More Pars Books & Pocket Guides for on the Course: http://www.getmorepars.com If you want more pars, let’s [More]
If you struggle with losing posture, a chicken wing, or flipping the club into impact, then this drill could be your life saver. If you try out this drill, you may need to warn your [More]
An AC Joint Sprain or Separation is often the result of falling with an outstretched arm. Movement of the joint will help increase the healing and decrease scarring. See Doctor Jo’s blog post about this [More]
These shoulder strengthening exercises with a resistive band are a great way to strengthen your shoulder after an injury or surgery. Read Doctor Jo’s blog post about this video at http://www.askdoctorjo.com/content/shoulder-exercises-resistive-band A great way to [More]
Using resistance bands is a very effective way to traing your golf swing. Try this drill and see how much it helps your game. visit http://www.howtopracticegolfathome.com for more great drills.
http://www.superflexbands.com Adam Robinson performing a band squat with a Randy Myer’s Golf Stretching Pole and # 6 purple resistance band.