Don't Fight Leverage In Your Golf Swing

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The Gravity Golf swing is meant to be a holistic move that is used through feel. That being said, every whole is made up of parts. It is no different for a fully amicable golf swing. Prior to setting anything into motion, having the room and ability to move is of foremost necessity. If you want to take a step forward, it is best to do it without a wall in front of your face. If you want to move your mass, you also need space to let gravity do it’s job.

Welcome home! We have reached our destination, not only of making it home from Central America but to the end of the Gravity Golf Swing Sequence: The Turn. This is the grand finale, where you get to tell whether to band has been playing together or not. When the rest of the sequence has been executed in a way where:

#1 – The heave has unweighted the arms, throwing the club to a vertical point, releasing the tension/leverage from the body
#2 – The counterfall allows for the completion of the backswing as the weight begins falling towards your intention/target, allowing your mass to be set into motion utilizing the force of gravity
#3 – The arm/shoulder drop lets go of any leverage being sent back to the body, while setting the down plane, creating a natural sling and releasing all of the kinetic energy through your hands and club
#4 – The turn and your ability to rotate freely is a by-product of how well your sequence has come together

With this freedom of rotation, you are able to create dynamic balance that allows you to have your arms and club swinging on one side of your body while naturally balanced. With the intention to move your body down the continued flight line, your body’s ability through proprioception to send your body’s mass in the necessary directions, i.e. continued counterfall, so that the end result allows you to move forwards towards your desired target. Anything that gets in the way of this will be subject to the full power that is created through this release of energy.

There are two additional elements that have a profound effect on your ability to consistently create the sequence you desire. First is having a clear intention of where you want to go, which tells your body the timing/intensity for each part of your sequence. Next is positioning yourself through that frame of reference so that your sequence of movement properly matches up with the trajectory you desire for your ball flight as well as the contour of the ground so that your path is free and clear to move forwards.

As mentioned in this final video, we are very excited to announce our upcoming Gravity Golf Challenge Membership. This 3 stage 48-lesson course will begin by covering the fundamental drills and science needed to acquire the sensitivity to the sequence of the Gravity Golf Swing. The Gravity Golf Challenge Membership will continue to grow as we create more content. We look forward to sharing more of the Gravity method with you. Stay tuned.