Get Straight and Stay Straight

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Get Straight and Stay Straight
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Poor Posture usually manifests itself in 3 basic positions: Rounded Shoulders – or Slumping Shoulders, C Curve or ‘Under’ Posture, and Rotated Posture. Trainers often try to correct poor posture by strengthening the body, and or Posture Strengthening exercises. For example, when one has rounded shoulders and are slumping, many trainers and physical therapists will give you shoulder and back exercises to strengthen the back and core.

However, I feel there’s a better way, which is to stretch the muscles FIRST, and especially do stretching exercises initially for the posterior muscle chains in the lower body. The pelvis is key here as the positioning of the pelvis will directly influence the position of the shoulders. No doubt, the genesis of most back pain comes from the pelvis being out of position due to muscle imbalances. Going further, since the calves and hamstrings directly influence the positioning and function of the pelvis, it only makes sense to stretch them out so that the pelvis can be released, and then the shoulders will tend to fall back into position. The routine I show here on the Slant Board, is excellent in that it stretches the Calves, Hamstrings, Glutes, etc., while the Arm Presses are actually firing the shoulder blades and correcting posture.

Another Bad news scenario, is that after we finish a workout – and especially a Flexibility and/or Posture Routine, we go right back into a sitting down flexion position, (at our cars, desks, golf stance, etc) which then sabotages all the good work we just did in the workout.

However, it’s after a workout when I especially like to use the Alignmed Posture Shirt because it sustain the great posture that these routines just put me in – and keep it there. Although the Alignmed Posture Shirt is great to wear anytime (even during your workout and sleeping), my favorite time is right after my workout.

Give it a shot, and give your whole body good posture that will last!!

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