Golf: A Smarter Way to Learn The Takeaway

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Drive the ball farther with a proper takeaway. In this lesson pro long driver Ryan Reisbeck and coach Bobby Peterson break down Position 2 which is initiating the backswing.

Some of the most common problems that golfers and long drivers face such as slicing the ball, lacking power, lower back pain, poor shot placement etc. can be traced to the very beginning of the backswing.

Fortunately this is very solvable once you know the proper technique. In this golf video lesson you’ll learn tips and gain valuable insight on how to do a proper takeaway with slow motion breakdowns of the swing and essential techniques to use with the driver.
In this lesson you’ll learn that starting or Initiating the backswing is all about staying connected and using your lower body. Staying connected means the legs, hips, torso, arms and hands are working together as one unit. In order to do that you must begin the swing with foot pressure.