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Watch this GOLF EXERCISES video to learn an easy dynamic warm up that you can do before your golf game! Human 2.0 coach Dan Jones goes over a few simple exercises that you can do to right on the green, in the club house, or even at your car. It’s also a good idea to do some of these exercises while you are waiting at any time, just to keep the muscles and joints warm and mobile.

Golfing is a sport, a game, a skill. So if you are a golfer and you don’t warm up, you are setting yourself up for injury. Especially as you get older, the need for some kind of dynamic warm up (in this cases stretches for golfers or golf warm up drills) before any kind of significant activity is a good idea.

Ask yourself, do you ever feel sore a few days after playing golf? Does your back, knees, shoulders hurt ever? If this is you, this could be a sign from your body that you need a better warm up.

Humans are made to move, and if we don’t, we get stiff and/or sore, and our muscles get weak. You know the term “use it or lose it”, well it’s true. So if you are the kind of person who is active (plays golf for example) only occasionally or even if you are active, but you only play your sport once or twice a week, it is very important for you to warm up at that time – to bring blood flow to those otherwise cold muscles, and to get you primed for what you are about to do.

Now, yes a dynamic stretching warm up (where you are stretching the muscles but not holding any one position for more than a few seconds) is important for everyone to do before they start doing any kind of physical activity that goes beyond walking or very gentle movements. It just makes sense from an injury prevention standpoint, but as we’ve said, it is particularly important for those golfers (especially older ones), and whose bodies are not acclimatized at all to physical activity.

In this video, Human 2.0 Coach Dan Jones shows you a very simple sequence of golf exercises that he uses as part of a dynamic warm up that he does before he golfs. You can do these exercises for golfers very quickly – it will only take a few minutes – before you start. These dynamic stretches are full body exercises that don’t require any equipment whatsoever (except your clubs) and are good for almost any level. So you really have no excuses to not try them out.

Everyone knows someone who has thrown their back out just turning a funny way and not doing very much at all. If you are inactive or you don’t warm up before some kind of physical activity, then that could be you. Don’t let that happen.

As a medically driven facility, at Human 2.0, we know first hand what happens when people don’t warm up before physical activity. We see them in the physiotherapy and doctor’s office all the time.

People have a “won’t happen to me” attitude, which is all good until it DOES happen to you, and then you are complaining because you can’t get into see the doctor for weeks (or worse, months or years) and your sore back or shoulder or knee is making day-to-day life difficult.

So do yourself a favour, take the time to do something like these golf exercises, dynamic warm up BEFORE your sport. Practicing injury prevention is only something YOU can do. Nobody can do it for you.

Stay tuned to our channel as we add more bodyweight exercises, other strength training, mobility, stretch and flexibility, and conditioning exercises and workouts, and give more health and medicine-related tips.

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