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Mark Durland, Director of Instruction at the Durland Golf School at Naples Grande & Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America discusses a golf tip on how to make a tour caliber backswing. The backswing is a part of the golf swing that many golfers struggle with. In this video Mark explains how to make a tour caliber backswing and gives some drills you can blend together for your own tour caliber backswing. Also, Mark is always open to golf instruction suggestions, so if you have a particular issue in golf, comment below and Mark will do his best to address your golf concerns in his next video.

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⛳️ Award-Winning Golf Teacher:
2017-Present Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America
Swing AI Certified Instructor
2015 Golf Digest Best Teachers in Florida
2014-15 Golf Digest Best Young Teacher in America (Top 40 under 40)
2012-13 Golf Digest America’s Best Young Teacher (Top 40 under 40)
2012 Teacher of the Year, Southwest FL Chapter PGA
2008 Teacher of the Year, South Florida Section PGA
2007 Teacher of the Year, Southwest FL Chapter PGA

⛳️ Golf Teaching Philosophy:
Mark has extensive experience teaching a variety of golf students including top professional golfers to first-time golf beginners. He teaches both male and female golf students, junior and senior golfers, and is also qualified in teaching golfers with disabilities or special needs. He understands that students are all different and have to be taught as individuals.
A proponent of proper impact fundamentals, Mark, bases his communication with students on simplicity. He is constantly searching for new ways to downsize the golf swing and its components for his students. His instruction includes the latest in technology and a variety of drills that help students make the appropriate changes to their golf swing. The technology assists in diagnosis and giving feedback on each swing, while the drills help students to retrain their motor pattern.
Mark believes that the game of golf is as hard as we make it. Students have access to more information than ever through the internet, portable devices with swing capture, YouTube, etc…. If we continue to over analyze our golf swing further confusion is inevitable. This confusion leads to doubt. Once doubt enters into the equation and our confidence is damaged, the game has won.
Mark teaches that a golf swing starts with practical fundamentals to fit a student’s particular pattern. Since using TrackMan his focus has turned to helping students create proper impact alignments. He prefers to use the swing each student possesses if it is functional in producing the desired impact. Mark’s goal is to help a student identify and understand the tendencies in their golf swing. The student can then work to improve and eliminate these tendencies.
Mark feels strongly that to make a change in the golf swing takes time and practice. If a student is looking for short term success, Mark will work exclusively on the short game. Many students have taken five to ten strokes off their score in one month with intensive short game training. As for the full swing, it can take a student much longer to become comfortable and see results. Playing lessons are an essential part of his training so students can learn to take it to the golf course – where it counts!
In his quest to keep current on the new trends in golf and fitness, Mark continually reads top authors, travels the country to observe top teachers, and attends industry shows and seminars in an effort to provide his clientele with the best instruction possible.