#Grip to #Finish – Build a Consistent 365-Day 'Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing' Part 5 – Release

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The Single Plane golf swing is not a quick fix golf technique. It is a “365 Day” of the year, consistent swing system matching the mechanics of Moe Norman—who many PGA Tour legends regarded as one of the world’s greatest ball-strikers.

As the official owner of the Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing©, Graves Golf is the worldwide authority on the proven swing of Moe Norman—by whom @Todd Graves (AKA “Little Moe”) and Tim Graves, PGA and Callaway Master Professional, were taught directly throughout their 10-year friendships and mentorships.

Beginning at grip & address, the Single Plane Swing simplifies the most important moment of the golf swing—impact.

The “Conventional” golf swing complicates the swing by starting on two planes at address with the arms hanging straight down on one plane and the club pointing to the ball on another plane.

This “ONE MISTAKE” in the conventional setup causes a “spatial problem” between body and ball, leading to stress and shear on the spine at impact. The conventional golfer must move from two planes at address to the one plane at impact, where you see all great ball-strikers align the arms and the club.

This transition from two planes to one plane forces the conventional golfer to lift the lower body (by straightening the lead leg) while reaching down to strike the golf ball—causing compression in the back. This upward movement to accommodate the two planes is unnecessary and complicated, causing inconsistency in swing timing and sequence for most golfers.

The Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing SIMPLIFIES the motion by starting the arms and club on the same plane as they will be at impact, standing further from the ball to fix the “spatial problem,” increasing side tilt at address to match impact position—making it easier to return to the same alignment at impact while eliminating the need for stressful and complicated movements.

This six-part video series intends to jumpstart your journey to better golf in 2020 through a detailed process of BUILDING a great Single Plane Golf Swing, allowing you to have more fun and consistency on the course.

Rather than a “quick fix” to your painful conventional swing with sporadic results, you can use this series as your starter plan for a Moe-like swing with Moe-like results. Get the setup right, and this will trigger a “Domino Effect” throughout your swing to solid impact and better ball flights.

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