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Maintaining consistency with your golf swing requires a focused task that promotes accurate shots in every club in the bag. Especially the Driver! For much more on this subject see our premium website at

When hitting your driver, the last thing you want to do is come over the top! You end up hitting down on the ball and across it causing the low pull or the ballooning slice and even the occasional pop fly! Instead, let us show you how to create a specific task that takes care of your swing without thinking and delivers your action in the direction it was supposed to go in the first place, YOUR TARGET!!

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00:00 Shawn introduces the golf lesson with Savannah
00:48 How to achieve a proper golf alignment
04:44 How the golf swing forms an arc
09:34 Finding your golf alignment with the driver
13:10 Offensive vs. Defensive mindset on the golf course
16:05 Shawn ends the golf lesson

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