K-VEST Human Motion Learning Systems

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Develop a perfect golf swing with K-VEST 7, the world’s first human motion learning system to analyze and train your swing in REAL TIME.

Our latest platform includes everything you need to improve player performance through the practical application of advanced biomechanics and cutting edge technology. easy and fun to use

KVEST 7 is based upon four key phases of player development: measure… assess… coach… and train.
Or, as we like to say, “ Measure, then A.C.T.”

You can focus on each of these phases individually, but when used together they form a powerful learning loop: it’s one thing to learn a new skill and another thing to learn it perfectly and make it permanent… with K-Vest 7 you’ll pinpoint the right movement patterns to teach and more importantly make them stick.

In measure, a player’s movement patterns are captured via powerful wireless 3D or 6D sensors.

In assess, the software runs advanced biomechanical algorithms that evaluate player movement, generates easy to use reports, and offers recommended programs for improvement.

In coach, the software provides intuitive visual and auditory and kinesthetic biofeedback to coach new skills and movement patterns. KVEST 7 goes beyond words to create more power, accuracy, and efficiency, while minimizing the risk of injury.

In train, players make these new skills and patterns permanent. When they’re done, it’s time to measure progress; learning loop complete.

KVEST 7 now includes:
Improved outdoor viewing so you can coach where it matters most.
· On the Range
· On the Course
All-new training resources created by the industry’s top professionals!
· 65+ Full Swing Drills
· 20 Short Game Drills
· 65+ Golf Specific Exercises
Preloaded programs designed for players of all skill levels!

· Beginner Programs
· Advanced Programs
· Short Game Programs
· Pre-Round Warm Up Programs

So whether the player is a beginner or a touring pro, on a long-term development path or looking for a quick swing fix, K-VEST 7 delivers state-of-the-art solutions through an easy to use and fun experience.

Are you ready to take Human Motion Learning to the next level?

Measure Better
Assess Better
Coach Better
Train Better

Take golf performance to the next level

Measure, then A.C.T.

That’s the power of the world’s first human motion learning system.