Learn To Swing Inside Out with this Simple Drill

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Have you been trying to find the elusive inside out golf swing yet no matter what you do you keep coming over the top hitting pulls, pull hooks or pull slices? If the answer to either of these is YES, then you need to work on this drill to get you swinging inside out.

The average golfer tends to pull the golf ball. When this occurs the golfers you are swinging over the top and your body will be either straight up and down at impact or even facing forward.

Better players tend to be leaning back at contact which allows the club to attack from the inside. Why? They are using their legs and hips to hit the golf ball and when they fire the lower body the upper body tends to hang back. This is what gets the inside out swing path to hit the golf ball straight.

Start thinking about your upper body and which direction it goes when hitting golf balls. Start to lean it back slightly and you can cure a pull in a couple swings. Keep doing this drill as much as possible and in not time you will swing from the inside.

Try this the next time you go out to hit golf balls. If you’re at home start doing this drill in practice swings every night.

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