More Distance In 5 Minutes – Dynamic Golf Warm Up Before Round by Doctor of PT

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What you do to warm up before your round can make all the difference. Golf warm up research shows that proper dynamic warm up stretches on the 1st (first) tee can make you hit the ball farther adding 15 yards to your drives!
Warming up before golfing is so important to prevent injuries and to hit the ball farther adding more distance. Back pain golfing, golfer’s elbow, other elbow pain while golfing can all be helped by performing a proper warm up that includes dynamic stretches on or before the 1st (first) tee.
People will often go through a series of golf warm up exercises that include swing different clubs or just simply heading to the driving range. Spending 5 minutes on a dynamic golf stretching routine will be time well invested as research shows us that you will see immediate results. Movement Project is focused on getting to the root of the problem that is driving your pain or performance deficits. This usually lies in inefficient movement patterns and muscle imbalances. There is nowhere that this is more evident than in a golf swing without a dynamic warm up on the 1st tee!

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If you have any difficulty or discomfort performing any of these moves, reach out to your movement specialist to identify the true root cause. Physical Therapists are uniquely trained in the musculoskeletal system and best suited to determine these deficits!

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