Posture Is Everything To The Golf Player Wanting To Drive Further

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Unfortunately many amateur golfers fail to recognize the need for improved physical conditioning for the game of golf. The most common method for improving their game is to get professional lessons, buy expensive clubs and practice religiously. At No Regrets Personal Training we are qualified Golf Bio Mechanical specialists meaning we try to change your body and not the swing. And this video is a perfect example of how you can improve your swing significantly by improving your Posture.

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Do you know what muscles are involved in the golf swing?
I will tell you. ALL OF THEM!

Meaning, that in order to have an effective golf conditioning program, it must consider that all the muscles are on the job and fire in a sequence of events that will either produce a consistently good swing or a poor swing. The factors that determine consistency of your swing are covered in great detail in our training program with scientific assessments and analysis of all movement patterns and abilities such as flexibility, posture, stability, strength, endurance and power. This video just gives you a sneak peak at how our players improve their game and more importantly prevent many of the injuries seen by golfers today.

Back pain, shoulder pain and elbow pain are the most common injuries seen by golfers, in particular the senior golfer who has not used any exercise program to stay in shape.

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