Squash Stretching #1 – April 11th, 2020

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The fırst recorded Contract-Relax session I have embarked on. I’m doing an intense sessions once every 5-7 days and limbering in the other days.

This is an attempt to follow the stretching protocol set out by Kit Laughlin and the Stretch Therapy community.

Here is my stretching log on their forum –

Lunge hamstring;
0:00 Left leg
4:22 Right leg
8:10 Left leg again

Straight-leg hamstring stretch;
12:12 Right leg
17:06 Left leg

Lunge hamstring again;
23:12 Right leg
27:35 Bonding with cat
27:58 Left leg

Frog stretch;
32:26 1st time
37:10 2nd time – with my wife sitting on me at the end for a couple of minutes (I eventually did get out of the position… very slowly!)

42:18 1 cycle

46:42 Left leg
51:39 Right leg
57:09 Left again – toward the end of this one I was pressing my bent leg outward with my hands which seemed to create space for my TFL to release, allowing me to feel the piriformis stretch much deeper.

*As a sidenote, as I do the Elephant Walk more & more, the release of the left TFL is what allows my knees to come together in a relaxed way which then seems to help with the position of my pelvis. I found a couple of threads talking about the TFL. I don’t know to what extent because I haven’t had a block of time to sit down and have a good read, yet.

1:02:50 Right leg
1:06:30 After the right leg stretch I rocked back into a straight left leg hamstring stretch and did a couple of impromptu contractions. Then as I relaxed into the stretch for a couple of minutes the leg was shaking quite noticeably (if you look close enough you can see my toes shaking, 1:08:20 for example). I remember reading somewhere shaking like this can often mean there is some sort of deep change going on. It felt like it. Either way, I will just keep going.
1:10:48 Left leg

1:16:53 I finished up just enjoying moving between a floating piriformis & bent-leg hamstring stretch because it felt good (Ray Charles helped!)
1:19:16 Left leg forward.