"Stop FLEXING Your Right Knee" in the Golf Swing to Hit Powerful Golf Shots and Prevent Injury

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WANT MORE TURN? AN EFFORTLESS SWING? STOP FLEXING RIGHT NOW! The FLEXED LEG swing thought has damaged more backs and golf swings in the history of golf. Learn how you can access more power and consistency by free-ing up your trail leg to ALLOW MORE TURN and also ALLOW THE HANDS TO SWING IN instead of lifting and chopping.

When you flex your leg, the hips stop turning, the arms get lifted, you experience tension in your lower back and trail knee. You have to drop the club in the downswing and most of the time you will chop at the golf ball like a forester. STOP MAKING GOLF SO HARD. Allow the trail leg to straighten and life will be so much easier for you.

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