The Best 5 Minute Dynamic Golf Warm Up Before You Play

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The best 5 minute dynamic golf warm up before you play // Post Round Stretching. Heather teaches us the golf warm up exercises we can do on the first tee. Golf warm up routines are just as important as anything else we practice in golf. This golf warm up exercises for seniors as well as anyone else that wants to try them. People don´t do it but you really should have a Golf warm up at the driving range and Golf warm up at home. To prevent yourself from pulling your back make sure you Golf warm up before round and don´t forget to golf stretch after a round. Golf dynamic warm up at Tobiano Golf Course by Ms. Heather was exceptional. Tobiano Golf is in great condition and the view is unbelievable. A lot of people are going and reading the dynamic golfers stretching review. Heather has TPI golf workouts, post golf stretches, TPI golf warm up all on her website and social platforms. Below you will find her information, please make sure to reach out to her. That is all for today from your Golf Coach. Many thanks for watching Coach Shayain 🙂

THANK YOU To Heather Smuni and Tobiano Golf Course for hosting us. Make sure to go and pay them a visit and tell them I sent you 🙂

Here is how you can reach Heather:
IG: heather__smuin
FB: heather.smuin
YouTube: Heather Smuin

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