The Secret to Golf? How to Play Better Golf – Golf Tips

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The Secret to Golf? How to Play Better Golf – Golf Tips

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Does golf have some big secret that magically unlocks great play? Something to take a weekend hack to and convert them to Moe Norman almost overnight? Or are all of these pros and magazines full of lies?

If I had a dollar for everytime I heard or read about “The Secret to Golf”, I wouldn’t need to work anymore. Some people swear they found it, while others claim the secret is just a lot of hard work. So who’s right?

After years of being a golfer and trying to find great ball striking myself, my personal belief is that there are no “secrets”, but there is a formula that can apply to all of us. The subconscious mind needs to be in control of the swing, and yes; Practice will certainly equal better golf. It’s hard to get around practice.