TPI Golf Fitness Assessment with Coach Jordan

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What does a TPI Golf Fitness Assessment look like?

This evaluation will address your physical capabilities and relate them to your golf swing. Your TPI Coach will then provide you with a personalized strength and flexibility program to address your needs.

Training with a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Trainer is known to improve: posture, flexibility, strength, balance, power and overall golf performance.

1️⃣ Pelvic Tilt
2️⃣ Pelvic Rotation
3️⃣ Torso Rotation
4️⃣ Toe Touch
5️⃣ Overhead Deep Squat
6️⃣ Lower Quarter Rotation
7️⃣ Seated Trunk Rotation
8️⃣ 90/90
9️⃣ Wrist Flexion & Extension