What It Takes to Be a PGA Tour Pro | Golf Advice From PGA Tour Player Cameron Davis

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We work with golfers of all ages and abilities at Precision Athletica, however with so many aspiring to become golf professionals and head out on tour, there is an obvious question that comes up around “What It Takes to Be a PGA Tour Pro”?

To best answer that question, you need to have gone through the journey of aspiring amateur golfer to PGA Tour Professional, and luckily we happen to know a man who has done just that….Cameron Davis.

Here is Cameron’s advice as a Pro Golfer and now PGA Tour Pro who has made his way from the amateur game to the elite, winning the Australian Open and multiple Korn Ferry Tour events on his way.


0:00 – Work Ethic
0:14 – What It Takes to Be a PGA Tour Pro
2:14 – Importance of Gym Training for Golfers
3:23 – Golf Tour Pro Advice for Amateur Golfers
4:03 – How to Know if You’re Ready to go Pro
4:35 – How to Take Your Golf Game to the Next Level

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